5 Good Mixtapes from 2013

Originally posted 12/20/13

It was a good year for music and here are some mixtapes you should download, FOR FREE. There’s even a convenient Soundcloud playlist with 5 Good Songs from these 5 Good Mixtapes in case you need convincing.

5. Stolen Youth LP by Vince Staples & Larry Fisherman
– Vince Staples is on the cusp of big things in 2014. With friends like Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller’s producer alter-ego, who had a huge year himself in front of and behind the mic), fellow Cali Rappers Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, and Earl and Tyler bringing the weird, Vince reaches a lot of audiences with potential to carve out his own space next year. A 2014 XXL Freshman candidate?

4. Innanetape by Vic Mensa
– Another potential 2014 XXL Freshman, Vic Mensa has largely been known as Chance the Rapper’s side kick. Though the two play well together, this mixtape shows Vic can stand on his own and could ascend to Chance’s heights in 2014 as Chance himself looks to keep climbing.

3. Welcome to Forever by Logic
– A member of the 2013 XXL Freshman class, Logic’s mixtape feels like an album at times with a consistent, focused vibe. He’s found a way to channel his Young Sinatra swagger and his next project should present the full Logic to the masses, a Mackelmore who can rap – impressively at times.

2. Blue Chips 2 by Action Bronson & Party Supplies
– The great thing about Action Bronson and this mixtape is that it feels like a mixtape unlike some others on the list. It’s fun (read: not at all serious ever), all over the place, but straight to the point at the same time. That point being, whatever flashes across Bronson’s mind. Party Supplies carries his weight mixing classic beats and soundbites with some fresh sounds that fit Bronson perfectly.

1. Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper
– The Internet rediscovered 10 Day a couple of days ago, which is worth a download as well, but it’s Acid Rap that set the bar for everyone else on the come up. Acid Rap is so good, it’s better than most rap albums released this year (good enough to crack the top 5 as you’ll see in my Top 10 Albums post). Chance has arguably had the biggest rise into relevancy among rap’s unknown in 2013. He sits in the pole position above the others listed here (including those who cameo on the aforementioned projects).


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