Give It A Spin: Rae Sremmurd’s SREMMLIFE

Rae Sremmurd came from out of nowhere and into clubs in a nice way last year. Well, they’re from Mississippi, and just released their debut album SremmLife under MikeWillMadeIt’s EarDrummers Entertainment label (see what they did there?) out of Atlanta. But “No Flex Zone” was everywhere by the end of the Summer, and their second single “No Type” has climbed even higher – as high as 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 (with 90M views on YouTube for the video). It’s also the track that got me on board and looking forward to hearing more.

They were smart to release SremmLife on Januray 6 without much to get in the way of their shine. Remember when Mac Miller, J. Cole, and Kanye all dropped on the same day? Think that’ll happen this year with Drake, Kendrick, and Kanye? I wouldn’t be mad.

Anyway, hopefully 2015 is the year other young southern rap acts with a similarly distinct southern (let’s call call it trap inspired) sound, like Migos and Young Thug, figure out how to take their sound into the mainstream without losing too much flair.

Rae Sremmurd seem to have accomplished that in a couple of ways: by steering hard into the curve with heavier bangers like (Kendrick Lamar cosigned) “Unlock The Swag”, and showing some ability to sort of rap/coo over something lighter and more melodic on “This Could Be Us”, but the chorus still knocks. To me it’s the most complete and coherent song on the album.

This is the kind of music that you have to listen to at as loud a volume as possible. If you can’t (or won’t) turn your stereo up then put on your headphones and worry about hearing loss later. If you still can’t get into it then I guess you like what you like, nothing wrong with that.


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