Follow My Playlist: Yo YouTube Raps 15

Music video playlists should be more of a thing. For a while people would complain about the lack of music videos on MTV, but it’s all on demand now and uncensored so… not mad. Last year I started messing around with YouTube’s built in playlist making capabilities, sort of saving videos as I came across them, and as a result here’s If I Had a R&B Music Video Show – which is exactly how it sounds, and IRL – which features some of my favorite artists doing their thing in real life. I’ll be updating them throughout the year so you can follow (or save) those as well.

But, since Childish Gambino dropped the video for “Sober” yesterday, I figured now would be the perfect time to get started on a rap video playlist for 2015 and named it Yo Youtube Raps 15. Subscribe, or bookmark this page, or go back and favorite the tweet because this should be a good year for rap videos.


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