Slept On: The War On Drugs’ LOST IN THE DREAM

Add The War on Drugs and their album Lost In The Dream to the list of things I slept on in 2014. Okay, maybe this is the first on the list but I’m here to make amends.

Lost In The Dream landed on a few critics’ best of the year lists so I’d known that the album was good, but it wasn’t until today that I felt like I needed different music for my Friday night recovery shower.

Maybe the weather subconsciously led me there, it’s the kind of near 70s Saturday in January that people move to Austin for. Whatever it was, today I learned Lost In the Dream is the perfect soundtrack for such a weekend.

Lost In The Dream is The War on Drugs’ third release and first since 2011. I would describe it as light indie rock with a West Coast feel, only by 5 guys from Philly. It sounds like something you’ve heard but feels different, weightier.

It kicks off with a long, nearly nine minute introduction, “Under The Pressure”, for the unfamiliar. The song goes on so long due to some lengthy sections of just instrumentation pulling the listener deeper and deeper into the track and by extension the album. It’s something they do quite a lot, and it’s easy to get lost in the music in those moments. They even have a track called “The Haunting Idle” which has no lyrics and is a standalone example of the kind of thing that makes the album effective.

A couple of tracks like the latest single,”Eyes to the Wind”, and the title track, “Lost in The Dream”, slow to the point of bordering on folk or country, but by in large the album features strong guitar work with lyrics to match and bouts of psychedelic trips that serve to underscore the sort of dreamy journey the album takes the listener on.


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