Follow My Playlist: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

On the bright side, a few unexpected extra hours of traveling to Austin meant I had plenty of time to put the finishing touches on a playlist. It’s a nice coincidence that this playlist proved so useful so quickly but I was thinking before I left that sometimes life throws you fastballs and you need to take things slow and steady… this is the playlist for that kind of race.

Didn’t plan this either but, seeing as Valentine’s Day is this weekend, if you play Slow and Steady Wins the Race start to finish it should tell the story of a relationship of sorts. That is, it develops in the way relationships sort of develop. It starts out as a collection of hopeful love songs that devolve into… well, I guess they’re still love songs only less gleefully so in the end. Of course, shuffle works too.

An alternative title for this playlist could be “The Platinum Rule” but I really wanted to focus on the slow and steady tracks I dig from my Essential Soul Food playlist — which is currently at 232 songs over 16 hours, so if you want more soul food you know what to do.

The first 25 tracks feature some very old cuts from the lovely Irma Thomas and Sam Cooke, some oldie but goodies from Robin Thicke and Ursher Raymond, newly minted Grammy Award winner Sam Smith, as well as Kanye West, Andre 3000, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and the man to which I owe the name of this here blog, Gil Scott-Heron.


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