Follow My Playlist: 2005 in Music

The above is a photo of 50 Cent at the 2005 Spike TV Video Game Awards. The Massacre, his follow up to Get Rich or Die Tryin’, was the best selling album of the year and nominated for a Grammy — losing to Kanye West’s Late Registration.

Remember what I said about some playlists coming together slow and some coming together quick? Well this one was real f—n quick cause 2005 was a great year for music. It was also a decade ago this year, I realized while getting lost in Billboard Year End R&B/Hip Hop charts. So this playlist for 2005 in Music is based on that list and hits right in the nostalgia feels featuring songs like “Trapped in the Closet” (!), Mario’s “Let Me Love You”, Young Jeezy’s “And Then What”, and Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together.

Also, it turns out back when people bought albums, singles from albums released in the previous year moved units. Some of those albums released in 2004 but did work in 2005: Destiny’s Child’s Destiny Fulfilled, Eminem’s Encore, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz’s Crunk Juice, T.I.’s
Urban Legend, and Usher’s Confessions. Jamie Foxx started this.


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