Give It A Spin: WHAT FOR?

Summer is right around the corner and Toro Y Moi’s latest What For? will be in heavy rotation for me. It’s a short 10 track, 36 minute psychedelic rock trip (a lot of these songs would fit in well as bumper music on that 70s show), that’s easy to run back once you reach the end.

The album gets off to a fast start with “What You Want” but “Buffalo,” an early release from March, is still among the best bringing the right amount of summer madness and should be on all Summer playlists.

Like Tame Impala’s records, with What For? I don’t concern myself with picking up every word or making sense of every lyric as they’re often outdone by the music. With these songs it’s less a matter of if it makes sense and more a question of if it feels right. Occasionally you pick up on certain hooks like “we’ve got all we want” on songs like “The Flight” that affirm that carefree feeling.

“Lilly” starts out great and gets the most out there, “Spell It Out” has the high pitched energy Passion Pit brings to a song, and “Yeah Right” closes things out with a nice psychedelic slow jam. Give it a spin, and if you don’t like it open a beer and give it another.


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