Give It A Spin: The Internet’s EGO DEATH

New music comes out on Fridays now, which is weird and leaves this work week lacking, but last week had a few good albums. It’s been a busy year separately for the artists formerly known collectively as
Odd Future. First Earl, then Tyler, and now The Internet have graced us with a new LP, Ego Death, their best album so far.

It’s hard to reduce Ego Death to something so specific as Neo Soul. It has an authentic Rhythm and Blues flavor with Electronic vibrancy and energy that differentiates itself with the occasional bars and consistently head ringing beats. Plus it has the advantage of a uniquely confident lead singer in Syd tha Kid, whose voice and language both sound very fresh and modern.

Ego Death never settles in one genre or one mood but spends most of it’s time as just very good R&B. It’s emotional and directed at various on and off again loves, but it’s not always down. Instead it comes off mostly as earnest and relatable. “Just Sayin/I Tried” is one such song that swings in a few directions. It goes from the bouncy refrain “you fucked up” then shifts to the much more reminiscent “but you should know that I tried” after one quick letter.

That track is preceded by nice features from Janelle Monae and Vic Mensa, but Canadian producer Kaytranada (whose tracks on Soundcloud are on auto-repost status) steals the show with his production on the extra seductive “Girl”. Another standout, “Special Affair”, comes right after and “Penthouse Cloud” rounds out the list of favorites, but the album is definitely worth a spin as a whole.

Though the group may not exist like it used to, I’m glad to see the Odd Future crew carrying on and continuing to evolve. Particularly The Internet, who have made a highly creative album that’s more accessible, easy going, and arguably most effective of the three in 2015.

Stream the album below, and if you like Ego Death give Feel Good and Purple Naked Ladies a spin too.


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