Give It A Spin: Lianne La Havas’ BLOOD

When a good R&B album comes out I feel obligated to pass the vibes. Back in April when I first heard London singer Lianne La Havas’ lead single “Unstoppable” from her forthcoming album Blood, I marked my calendar. That day was this past Friday and I spent most of the weekend escaping the heat with it.

Blood, drawing heavily from her Jamaican and Greek heritage, is a bright 10 track 40 minute effort that manages to be deeply effective, full of natural soul that shines through her youthful voice with clarity; it’s just lovely. In less obsessive words, standouts like “Tokyo” and “Wonderful” have weight to them but are nowhere near down and out.

The other singles, “Green & Gold” and “What You Don’t Do”, are also fully formed tracks showcasing the lady’s skills over highs and lows; emblematic of an album with a nice mix of classic instruments and electric beach sounds.

“Grow” and “Never Get Enough” a less straightforward and venture off that path a bit to varying success, but all is righted in the end with “Good Goodbye”. If you like the album you should check out her Spotify Sessions I noticed a couple of weeks ago, then it hit me: I should have a playlist just for Spotify Sessions. Follow that if you like, stream the album below.

[Photo via The Telegraph]

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