Give It a Spin: Tay Walker’s 25 HOURS A DAY

Remember what I said last week about feeling obligated to share good R&B albums? Well here’s an album that dropped earlier this year, and I’ve been meaning to say a bit about since June, but better late than never, right? If you liked Lianne La Havas but prefer more conceptual albums with a traditional slow burn R&B feel bookended by some spoken word, for you, there’s Tay Walker’s 25 Hours A Day.

Tay Walker is a frequent Odd Future/The Internet collaborator. We talked about The Internet’s latest Ego Death last month (almost definitely in my tops for the year) and it’s through them that I know of Tay Walker. He was featured on “You Don’t Even Know”, the best track from their previous album Feel Good, as well as “They Say” from their first album Purple Naked Ladies (which, yes, is a great title and why I’m mentioning it again).

But I digress… Built around the idea of a girl running on his mind all day and then some, 25 Hours A Day gets off to a very good start with “Karma” featuring The Internet and “A Good Feeling” featuring Syd Bennet, lead singer of The Internet.

However, “Dreaming” and “Peace of Mind” prove Walker can make the magic happen all on his own. “Quite Like You” picks up the tempo and is more radio ready, but the album is mostly slow and heavy beats over which Walker waxes poetic on his muse.

25 Hours A Day is better suited for late night sexy time and almost exclusively useful either after the sun has set, or before the sun rises, if you’re into that sort of thing (I don’t see why you wouldn’t be).
Anyway, give it a spin, you might even vibe to it.

[Image via OddFutureTalk]

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