Give It A Spin: Domo Genesis’ GENESIS

Last year I wrote about how happy I was that the former OFWGKTA crew was evolving into members of a productive record label for unorthodox creative expression that is Odd Future, LLC. They’ve done this mostly by continuing to produce unique music with dope visuals to accompany and first up for Odd Future in 2016 is the solid debut solo album from Domo Genesis appropriately titled, Genesis.


Like his label mate Tyler, the Creator’s Cherry Bomb you can’t call Genesis 100% hip hop, though it’s mostly that and Domo has bars that range from hard to melodic. You wouldn’t call it R&B either, though it is lazily rhythmic and bluesy in a modern, emotionally aware, albeit slightly dimmed by drugs sort of way. The inverse is true for The Internet’s Ego Death in that it’s not 100% R&B, but you wouldn’t call it hip hop either. I guess you could call Genesis soul-rap. I don’t know if that is or needs to be a thing, but I’m into how Domo and friends mixed the ingredients here as on the aforementioned albums.

A prime example of this wonderful combination is “Wanderer” featuring Tay Walker, a frequent Odd Future collaborator. The plinky piano beat’s a classic from the jump and the “ooh-aah”s instantly transport you to the clouds. Domo comes in with a hard and fast flow that’s incredibly introspective, leading into a chorus that’s full of self doubt, both shrugged away inconsequentially as loosely living life, all part of our collective waking dream.

Things get pumped up quite a bit when Tyler appears alongside Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J on “Go (Gas)” and when Mac Miller guests on “Coming Back”, but “My Own” and “Faded in the Moment” are also strong and exactly my tempo.

“Dapper” featuring Anderson .Paak (glad to see him everywhere this Spring) is the lead single and the video passes the wish-I-was-there test. I hope it’s on Summer playlists everywhere and I can see Genesis staying in my album rotation all year.

[Cover via XXL]

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