Follow My Playlist: Netflix and Roll


A little over a month ago Chance The Rapper released his third mixtape, Coloring Book, and it’s wonderful. So wonderful he’s going on a Magnificent Coloring World Tour to celebrate and the VIP package includes a limited edition coloring book and crayons. Anyway, in my Coloring Book Top 3 (a thing people are doing on the Twitter but don’t @ me it changes every day), alongside “Summer Friends” and “All Night”, is “Smoke Break” featuring Future. It’s so good I decided to make a playlist around it, one for watching movies with the sound off or otherwise slowing things down.

In addition to classics from Outkast and Devin The Dude you’ll find some new tracks from Rihanna and Domo Genesis. Throw in a bit more West Coast representation (naturally), some intriguing instrumentals, and some downtempo yet positive gems from Kanye West and the conditions are perfect for Netflix and Roll or just general Friday front porch relaxation/weekend celebration. Enjoy (where applicable) and as usual I’ll keep updating so follow along.


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