About Me

Hi. My name is Van. My old About Me didn’t actually tell you much “about me,” it was mostly about guac and coffee, so here’s a new one. I like writing. Any form: poetry, short stories, tweets, (lately, book reviews!) but here you’ll mostly find my thoughts on the music and movies I’m into. I watch a lot of TV too but writing about each episode is kind of like reviewing a book after every chapter. Plus there’s too much good TV out there, but I can say with confidence and no further explanation that you should watch The Good Place. While you’re here have a look at some of my Spotify or YouTube playlists, or read my thoughts on superhero movies, or my exhaustive breakdown of The Life of Pablo (I miss the old Kanye).

I’m from Austin, currently live in Austin, and am available to write similar things about music or movies or books or the city or some combination of all four for your website or publication.

I’m also vwinn on FacebookTwitter, TumblrInstagram, and Linkedin.

You can send me an email at van dot winn dot jr at gmail.


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